Platinum Izumo Iro Urushi Budou Nezu Fountain Pen

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Platinum Izumo Iro Urushi Budou Nezu Fountain Pen
Platinum Izumo Iro Urushi Budou Nezu Fountain Pen


Length x Width
154mm x 18mm



Barrel & Cap
Urushi Lacquer on ebonite

Rhodium plated on beryllium copper

AS Resin

Rhodium plated 18k Gold



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Introducing "Iro Urushi", a Wajima Urushi fountain pen, from its IZUMO brand series that embodies traditional Japanese techniques.

Designed bases on the concept of enjoying the refined luster and colours of urushi lacquer, the Iro Urushi model has a sturdy body unique to IZUMO fountain pens, which is applied with "Iro Urushi", or "Colour Lacquer", created using pigments with a Japanese elegence and touch.

The gentle luster and smooth texture unique to urushi to urushi lacquer is created by polishing the lacquer evenly after applying so that no brush marks are visible, which can only be achieved by skilled craftmanship. Meanwhile, the nib, clip and other metal parts have been applied with a colourless rhodium finish for the first time for the IZUMO series to allow users to fully enjoy the exquisite colour of the body. Indulge in the best of traditional Japanese craftsmenship of IZUMO IRO URUSHI, which brings together a time-honored craft with a modern vibe.

Platinum Izumo Iro Urushi Budou Nezu Fountain Pen

The dull reddish-purple colour produced by adding a grayish tone over wine red colour (budou) enjoyed popularity from the mid-Edo to early Showa period. The gray colour (Nezumi) gives a calm and elegant aura, which became known as "aristocrati gray" for its delicate hue. It was often used as the base colour of a kimono depicted in Ukiyo-e (woodblock) prints and appreciated by many. The wine red colour was also called "ebi" in ancient times, so the colour is also known as "ebi-nezu".