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About Us

Modern society is a sight to behold. Fast, efficient, sophisticated and highly developed. We can now do things faster, accomplish our tasks easier and reach our destinations sooner than it could ever be imagined few generations ago. The human mind and its indomitable spirit – ingenious, infatigable, all-conquering.

Technology is the driving force behind this changing face.
In place of caves and tents, we now live in comfortable, heated homes within strong and weatherproof structures. In place of crackling bonfires, we now have gigantic energy networks that illuminate our lights, power our cookers and spin our washing machines. In place of animal-driven carriages, we now have automobiles as powerful as dozens of horses put together. In place of smoke signals and primitive drums, just about every other person on the street carries a mobile telephone. In place of the ‘Pony Express’ system of mail delivery, we now use e-mail. Super fast, super efficient, almost unerring.


In a not-too-distant era, literacy was uncommon except among a privileged few. Writing was like a form of art. Revered yet abstract among the masses, appreciated only by the people who knew. Building on this level of reverence, traditional pen makers gradually evolved their humble products in to miniature works of art. Every part of the pen – the barrel, the nib, the cap, and the clip – became a medium for mini sculpturing. Every exposed surface was transformed into mini canvases. Owning and using a pen in those days was an extension of one’s personality and an expression one’s inner being.


However, even the iconic writing instrument has not been spared from the ravages of modernisation. The pen, to most present-day people, is simply a thin, transparent plastic barrel that writes. Durable, economical and highly functional – a true symbol of the present times. However, amidst the blinding speed and ultra efficiency of today’s society, the very essence of human existence is somewhat missing – a soul.

Hence, this is what Aesthetic Bay is all about. It is the beginning of a new renaissance. It is a concept to reintroduce the essence of human existence to the present and future generations. And to re-engage the soul of the human spirit......for without which, mankind will cease to exist.