Sailor Koshu Inden Sakura Red Fountain Pen

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Sailor Koshu Inden Sakura Red Fountain Pen
Sailor Koshu Inden Sakura Red Fountain Pen
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Dating back to more than 400 years ago, the Koshu Inden, an archaic Japanese leather craft, are said to be born during the Sengoku Period (late 1500’s). During those times, this technique is used to decorate Samurai armors and in the 1800’s the Koshu Inden has been a popular trend among the people in general. The Koshu Inden is a technique whereby traditional patterns, mainly patterns inspired by nature, are drawn using lacquer on deer skin.  The contrast between the hard lacquer for the designs and the softness of the leather is pleasant to hold.Sailor is proud to present to you two pens featuring the Koshu Inden technique: the Saya (Sheath) and the Petite Cherry Blossoms. The Petite Cherry Blossoms design is utilized more as decorations for the armors and helmets of warriors. Today, this pattern can be commonly found on kimonos or other outfits.The artist of the pen is none other than Mr Makoto Yamamoto who is a master in the Koshu Inden craft. He has dedicated 40 years of his life to perfecting his skills in the craft. He is also the only person certified to provide instructions in Inden techniques to students of the craft. His mastery can be seen through the Sailor Koshu Inden Fountain pens.Only made in small quantities, each fountain pen comes with a beautiful box made of softwood and they are beautifully decorated with the pattern of the pen. Not only that, the pattern on the box is raised, similar to the pen itself.