Visconti Van Gogh The Novel Reader Roller Ball

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Visconti Van Gogh The Novel Reader Roller Ball
Visconti Van Gogh The Novel Reader Roller Ball
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Visconti's latest launch draw's inspiration from Van Gogh's, “The Novel Reader.”

“The Novel Reader” is thought to have been created around mid-November 1888 in Arles, France. The subject of this painting is rendered in an expressionistic style leading historians to believe that it was an experimental painting of Van Gogh’s.
The artist would work from a model for his paintings, however, this figure was seemingly concocted from his imagination.

The barrel and cap of the Van Gogh pens is delicately formed by 18 facets that recreate the magical nuances in the Dutch painter’s paintings.

The new Van Gogh The Novel Reader rollerball pen comes in its specially made box that includes a bookmark dedicated to the collection. A reproduction of ‘The Novel Reader’ is printed on the box’s lid.

The coloured resins used to make this pen are spontaneously mixed to recreate the Dutch artist’s irregular brushstrokes, making each writing instrument unique.