Namiki Yukari Chinkin Cranes (Tsuru) Fountain Pen

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Namiki Yukari Chinkin Cranes (Tsuru) Fountain Pen
Namiki Yukari Chinkin Cranes (Tsuru) Fountain Pen

In November 2014, Namiki launched 4 designs in the Yukari Chinkin collection. Namely: Namiki Chinkin Yukari Cranes (Tsuru), Namiki Chinkin Yukari Pine Tree (Matsu), Namiki Chinkin Yukari Silver Grass (Susuki), Namiki Chinkin Yukari Cherry Blossoms (Sakura). Chinkin means “gold inlay” and it is the technique used to create the wonderful designs on these beautiful pens. In the Chinkin technique, the pen is first coated with a Roiro lacquer finish, and designs are carved on the lacquer layer with a chiselling tool specialized for this work. A lot of willpower and concentration is needed to carve all these intricate strokes on the pen! Once you carve the wrong way it is not possible to repair the mistake. It comes with a two-toned 18K gold nib and these Chinkin collection is unsigned.


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