Montegrappa Fortuna Merry Skull Copper Ball Pen

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Montegrappa Fortuna Merry Skull Copper Ball Pen
Montegrappa Fortuna Merry Skull Copper Ball Pen
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Montegrappa has expanded the Fortuna Skull range to include a new model that celebrates the light-hearted aspects of the skull, with Merry Skull. Offered in the three popular formats of fountain pen, rollerball and a ballpoint pen, the appeal of the Merry Skull will embrace every writing style. Merry Skull is innovative, introducing to the world the Fortuna pen’s now-familiar form but with a new interpretation of a metal surface completely fashioned in metal: it is manufactured in either satin silver with a vintage look or in natural copper, also called Skull Mule. The decorative Merry Skull pattern applied to this new surface is a Montegrappa specialty, contrasting etchings in a multiplicity of smiles on the barrel, and a maxi-design skull on the cap. As are Montegrappa traditions, the Merry Skull pens are fitted with the company’s distinctive rotating sphere on the signature clip, and the cap tops display the 1912 Montegrappa monogram