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Platinum Limited Edition Izumo Kurikara-Ken Fountain Pen

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Platinum Limited Edition Izumo Kurikara-Ken Fountain Pen
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Using raised Taka Maki-e technique and the same body of the popular Izumo series, the motif on this pen depicts the epic battle between Fudo Myo-o (one of the Five Great Wisdom Kings of Japanese Buddhism) and a threatening dark demon Kurikara-ken. Legend has it that Fudo Myo-o changed himself into a huge sword when he had a battle over divine power against a devil. But the devil also changed himself into the same sword. Seeing the devil also change into a sword, Fudo Myo-o then changed into the mighty dragon, Kurikara Ryu-o, so as to swallow the devil morphed into a sword. The devil finally surrendered as he was overwhelmed by the Kurikara Ryu-o’s breath that was as fierce as billions of thunders.

The Kurikara-ken Fountain Pen embodies the story of Fudo Myo-o with stunning maki-e on the body of the pen. Created with an ebonite cap and barrel of the Platinum Izumo pens and then painted with several maki-e steps and processes. Using charcoal powers applied in several steps to heap up and to build up the image on the pen and then finished with black Urushi lacquer. The facial details are sensitively illustrated using lustrous black roiro Urushi lacquer so that the dynamic image of the Kurikara Ryu-o stands out against the black background of the pen. The sharpness of the huge sword which is the devil expressed by using silver powers through Taka maki-e technique. Black lacquer is then applied to raise and express the finer details and then polished to stand out even more. This gives volume to the body and creates a stunning contrast between the sword and the dragon.
Each pen is using a Platinum President 18 kt gold, rhodium plated nib with a specially designed Kurikara-ken ink converter.
The first 600 pens are numbered.

Length fully capped 154mm
Diameter 17mm
Length without cap 135mm

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