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Platinum 3776 Karakusa Chinkin Tortoise Celluloid Fountain Pen

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Platinum 3776 Karakusa Chinkin Tortoise Celluloid Fountain Pen
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This pen cannot be engraved. However, we can affix an aluminum plate with your desired engravings together with the pen. Our Customer Service representatives will contact you for the details to be engraved.
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This pen can be gift wrap.
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Platinum's New celluloid Collection "Karakusa Chinkin Tortoise Celluloid" consists of the popular 3776 model rendered in Karakusa pattern on the rich cured celluloid.
Only 35 pieces are produced exclusively for Aesthetic Bay.

KARAKUSA(Arabesque) is a pattern known familiarly for a long time in Japan. Therefore It is called “Arabesque (like a Arabian)” in Europe. The KARAKUSA(Arabesque) pattern has “prosperity & longevity” meaning and is assumed to be a lucky pattern because vitality strong lengthens a vine without a break.

The delicate Karakusa pattern is hand engraved from top to bottom using the Chinkin technique, which is one of lacquerware techniques that Japan boasts to the world on a par with Maki-e. Motifs are carved into the celluloid surface with special chisels, and after inlaying lacquer in the grooves, placing gold leaves and gold powder gives the pattern expression.

Celluloid is a traditional material for pen making, one that offers unparalleled depth, feel, and colour. Celluloid is highly flammable transparent plastic material and very difficult material to use, requiring craftsman's skilled techniques and time- consuming which takes many laborious manufacturing processes.

Platinum's Celluloid Collection writing instruments are available as cartridge/converter fountain pens fitted with a 14K gold nib.

Dimensions :
Length (cap closed): 137mm
Length (without cap):118mm
Length (cap posted behind barrel) : 151mm
Diameter: 12mm

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