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Namiki Yukari Royale Chinkin Cat Fountain Pen

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Namiki Yukari Royale Chinkin Cat Fountain Pen
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This pen cannot be engraved. However, we can affix an aluminum plate with your desired engravings together with the pen. Our Customer Service representatives will contact you for the details to be engraved.
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Continuing the Namiki tradition of its delicate and fine depiction of Japanese emblems and mythological creatures on its fountain pens, the Cat and the Royal Rooster have been unveiled as the newest additions to the coveted Namiki Chinkin collection. Applying the Chinkin (Gold Inlay) technique with a special carving chisel, the surface of the pen is first coated with Rorio lacquer before inlaying the carved patterns with precious metal leaf and gold powder for a refined finish. The highly-meticulous Chinkin technique is considered a leading Japanese traditional lacquer-ware technique only yielded by artisans of extensive experience with an immense strength of mind. Once embarked on its carving journey, it cannot be corrected even if an error is made – leaving no room for mistakes.

Namiki Chinkin Cat
Cats hold a special relationship with Japan and its people. According to Japanese folklore, a cat once saved a feudal lord from being struck by lighting when it lured it with its tail – leading to the belief that cats possess protective powers. Regarded as a symbol of wealth and fertility, cats are highly treasured for preventing epidemics, getting rid of rats that transmit disease, and preying on mice that eat cereal crops. Beautifully and softly depicted using Tenbori technique (Dot carving), the cat is seen sitting demurely with its eyes fixated on the foxtail grasses that is intricately carved out using Senbori technique (Liner carving) – displaying a playful side while exuding a graceful poise and elegant demeanour.

Length (cap closed): 149mm
Length (without cap): 134mm
Length (cap behind barrel): 175mm
Diameter: 14mm

Weight: 45g

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