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Namiki Limited Edition Emperor Toryumon Fountain Pen

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Namiki Limited Edition Emperor Toryumon Fountain Pen
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This pen cannot be engraved. However, we can affix an aluminum plate with your desired engravings together with the pen. Our Customer Service representatives will contact you for the details to be engraved.
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After much waiting, Namiki's New Limited Edition of 2017 "Toryumon" is finally here in Singapore.

The rapids in a gorge that cuts through the Longmen Mountains in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in China have been called “Longmen” (Dragon’s Gate) since time immemorial.
Legend has it that a carp that swam up through these rapids, was transformed into a dragon and ascended to heaven.
This written episode gave rise to the expression “climbing the Dragon’s Gate” (“Toryumon” in Japanese).

This Namiki Limited Edition of 2017 Toryumon is inspired by this story widely known as a tale, with a basis in historical fact,about overcoming a difficult hurdles that lead to success even when beset with adversity.
In this one fountain pen, Namiki has imbued a belief in a time to come when a target can be achieved and, expressed in the form of carp, depicted in a sumptuous scene of working incredibly hard to that end.
it contains the belief that, even if there are seemingly insurmountable hurdles, people who have this fountain pen in their possession will overcome those hurdles and be able to make crucial breakthroughs.
Each of the carp that have yet to climb the rapids quietly swimming in tranquil water is depicted by using Togidashi(Burnished) Maki-e and Taka (Raised) Maki-e techniques.
The cherry blossom petals on the dazzling surface of the water are subtly expressed by the use of shaped Raden (Mother-of-Pearl), and the ripples caused by carp by gold powder and Togidashi Maki-e.
Only 99 of this limited edition with 18 karat gold nib have been produced worldwide. The Emperor vest-type pen body has been decorated with Maki-e by the skilled artisan Masahiro.

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