Shipping Policies

DANI INTERNATIONAL CORP. was founded in 1974, a privately-held independent
corporation. And DANITRIO is my division of designing and manufacturing fine
writing instruments with Urushi as well as Maki-e works done by veteran artists
in Japan since 2000. DaniTrio has more than 250 designs of the art in their collection and
the quantity is still growing.

Maki-e has survived for more than 1,400 years until today and Japanese still enjoy an exclusive possession of this art in the world not only because it needs a lot of hard work and time consuming, also because the Maki-e-shi (Maki-e artists) need very strong culture background.

DaniTrio started the Maki-e collection with Grand Trio collection, Mikado and Genkai Collection and at the same time we have lower-end Takumi and Densho Collection, and they are very glad to see them all well accepted by the customers worldwide. And then, their latest collection, Yokozuna, the most unique Maki-e collection has made its debut in January 2009.