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Alfred Dunhill & Dunhill-Namiki

A 21-year old Alfred Dunhill took over his family's successful London horse harness business in 1893 just as the age of the motorcar began to dawn. In those days motorcars were not equipped with any special features, and seeing the opportunity, Dunhill converted his father's business from horse carriage accessories into motor accessories.

Dunhills' Motorities range of products ranged from heavy leather coats to helmets, car horns to dashboard clocks. As years passed, Dunhill's catalogue came to feature over 1300 items, including the infamous Bobby Finder Goggles, which could be worn in order to spot speed traps before the police spotted you. An integral part of the motorist's scene, Dunhill was regarded as an innovator: he patented fishing rods, the rear view mirror, and the windshield pipe (to help a driver combat the effects of wind and weather) which would lead into the business of pipes, tobacco, and lighters.

From there Dunhill's would welcome dressing table sets, bar accessories, and timepieces. As they have grown to include leather, pens, and fine men's jewelry, the name Dunhill has remained steadfast as the innovator of the discerning gentleman's refined tastes.

Make no compromise: Dunhill's exceptional standards are unsurpassed.

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