Aurora Limited Edition St. Ambiente Tundra Fountain Pen

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Aurora Limited Edition St. Ambiente Tundra Fountain Pen
Aurora Limited Edition St. Ambiente Tundra Fountain Pen
  • $1,948.00

Following the Mari d’ Italia and Oceani, Aurora has created a new collection called Ambienti. A new sensory experience that involves our senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and writing. A synaesthetic journey into any Ambiente through our senses.

Introducing the new Aurora Ambienti limited edition collection. Tundra, the second color in this series, is aptly named for the light-blue and brown Auroloide marbled barrel and cap. The Ambienti is equipped with a rhodium-plated 18kt gold nib, and is complemented by sterling silver trim.
The sterling silver grip section has a special engraving, as well as the special cast sterling silver trim ring.

This pen features Aurora's exclusive Hidden Reservoir piston fill system with a built-in ink reserve. It gives you just a bit of extra ink so you don’t run dry mid-thought. When it is starting to run dry, just twist the piston knob a couple times to release the extra ink.

Tundra, where the smell of vegetation and rocks are blended with the sepia ink color. Cap and barrel in light-blue and brown Auroloide marbled, sterling silver trims. Special engraving on sterling silver section grip.

Each Aurora Ambienti comes in an elegant box in black lacquered wood, with black interior to enhance its brightness. It also comes with a special bottle of sepia ink. Pen box contains a scented perfume packet, the perfume inspired by the notes of the Tundra. It comes with a manual and is covered by Aurora’s 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Aurora only produced 580 of these pens and each one is individually numbered.